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A Little About Katy...
Katy Moeggenberg has a passion for being active. As an internationally published Fitness Author/Model, Kung Fu black belt (5th degree), Professional Dancer/Choreographer, and Yogi, she's been able to share her passions with others. She has enabled a variety of goals for her clients to come true - fine tuning professional dancers' technique, honing martial artists' skills for complex competitions, and empowering clients to lose as much as 100 lbs.

She performs Dance and Kung Fu over 50 times a year across venues and audiences. In addition, her teaching has been featured and sought after at national dance conventions, college universities, and NFLŪ cheerleader training camps.

She owns/manages/instructs at both Cincinnati Kung Fu and Anaya Belly Dance, and has been doing so for more than a decade. A Cincinnati native, she lives there today with her husband, Kung Fu master Joe Harmon.
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